Concrete Solutions


Concrete is the new frontier in residential finishing. While the structural qualities of concrete have assured its usage in residential construction since forever, it only now that exposed concrete surfaces have gained acceptance in residential décor. Partially this is due to a greater percentage of us live in condos, a typically concrete environment and partly due to the emergence of better tools and technology to finish concrete surfaces.

At R-MAC we have accepted the challenge of finishing concrete in residential projects. We have the right sized machinery that can be carried into your basement or backyard pad. We have the right set up to tap into your residential power and protect the rest of the house. We have the right expert training who have taught us the most modern techniques to bring out the full character of your floor. You get the right floor finish.

What you get


Concrete, although a product of a few simple materials, results in a complex variety of appearances and characteristics. Bringing out the unique nature of your concrete is the aim of our concrete finishing service.

Service includes hardness testing,

Professional consultation on possible results for your floor

Fast and efficient work on your concrete floor with minimal disturbance of the rest of your house

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