Our Services

Consultation and Sequencing

Time and time again we see homeowners attack their renovations in the wrong order. We have the experience to make sense of your master plan and sequence your steps of attack in an efficient and economical manner. Get the most out of your investment and book you consultation today!

Building Permits

We cannot build or renovate anything without the required city approved building permits, nor should you. Our team has the qualifications, and experience to bring you a comprehensive set of plans to satisfy your vision and the requirements of the city plans examiners. Well put the permit right in your hand!

Design Build

Let us take your vision, and give you the keys back when we are done. Put your faith in our proven trustworthy company to handle your job from the start right to the finish. We promise you a great ride!

Project Management

In todays ultra-conscious building environment, many home owners we meet are simply too scared to get started turning their dreams into reality. There is a real lack of trust in our industry and rightfully so. Let R-Mac oversee your project and ensure that the quotes you are considering are complete. We can work with your trades to ensure that you get what you pay for, that the sequence of development is optimal, and the finished product is everything you expected. Your money is well spent here to protect your investment.

Complete Addition and New Build Services

Expert framers, our work is done thoughtfully with the mindset that the trades to follow should be given the best conditions to do their work. Problems in the early stages of a build compound themselves at every stage of the development. Carpenters are the glue that keeps the other trades working together. We are not sure why that is but after all our experience be assured that this is the real situation. All of our subtrades are licenced and insured.

Starting with a good solid, square, and level structure guarantees you a better final product.

Complete Renovation Services

Your renovation starts with surgical demolition and ends with the final stroke of the paint brush. My team has the skills, care and consideration to handle this process from start to finish.

Concrete Forming and Counter tops

In 2002 I was asked if I would do a concrete counter top for a client during a major kitchen renovation. As I had never heard of this method of building a counter top, I declined and the client found another source.

The finished product was amazing, and so began an infatuation with concrete as an alternative building material in several different applications. I researched the process and experimented before I began doing them for clients.

I prefer the seamless cast in place method as opposed to the precast method. Although there are many ways to finish the counter top, I prefer to grind down the surface to expose the aggregate. There are many options in terms of colouring the concrete and using coloured aggregate. After all this is done I seal the concrete with an environmentally friendly sealer and give it a good coat of bees wax. If you want the perfect gleam of a granite counter top then get granite. If you want something with an earthy character and irregularities consider concrete, consider R-Mac Solutions Inc.

Recently we began polishing basement concrete slabs and staining them before the sealing process. We have received nothing but glowing praise for the results. It truly is amazing what you can do with concrete.

Property Management

Your property represents a significant investment and should be cared for as such, whether it is commercial or residential. If you are not in a position to dedicate the necessary resources to this process then consider R-Mac Solutions to handle all your needs. We will assist in preventing the major repairs that occur when the little things are overlooked. A schedule will be customized to your property to address the appropriate maintenance issues at the appropriate times of year. We will manage all the trades required including security, snow removal, landscaping, special projects and renovations. Put yourself at ease with the knowledge that your property is in good hands with folks who care.

Structural Alteration and Post and Beam installation

It seems that just about every job we get involved with involves removing a load bearing wall to open up a space or blowing out an exterior brick wall to gain access to a new space. Both situations require post and beam work. Over 200 Beams later you have one of Toronto’s best Beam Teams. We considered a web site called Mr. Beam or something similar and specializing in just this stage of the building process. The truth is we get too much satisfaction out of the other stages to specialize in just one.

We work with wood and steel and are happy to walk you through the benefits and disadvantages of both flush beams and drop beams.