Our Services

Consultation and Sequencing

You benefit from the experience and knowledge gained from R-MAC executing hundreds of building projects and the considerations of thousands of building ideas, trends, and best practices.  Use our wealth of knowledge to assess what is best to improve your home and develop a master plan how to achieve it. Avoid costly miscues and time-wasting chase of misguided priorities.

Time and time again we see homeowners attack their renovations in the wrong order. We have the experience to make sense of your master plan and sequence your project in an efficient and economical manner.

Building Permits

You can use our expert guidance in determining which city permits you require and how to efficiently obtain them. We will not build or renovate without the required city approved building permits and neither should you. Our team has the qualifications, and the experience to bring you a comprehensive set of plans to satisfy your vision and the requirements of the city plans examiners. We’ll put the permit right in your hand!

design build

Your vision understood and then constructed for you.

We take the time to learn what you want and what you need for your home.  Your ideas we draw into plans and descriptions that will get you the permissions and funding to get you to the next step of building your new space.  Then R-Mac will turn these plans into a structure that you visualized.  All you have to do is decide where to hang the “Home Sweet Home” sign

Project Management

You get a reliable partner to take care of your interests on a building project. You get a builder that communicates with you and can accurately account and report to you project progress.
We are the project managers which give you the confidence that all is being done to keep your project on time and on budget.  In addition to our building and managing experience, you get the benefit of our access to reliable and competent tradespeople, to our well-established relations with suppliers who offer trade discounts. With R-MAC you get a project manager that is responsive to the needs of your project and can professionally supervise your project to completion.

We can work with your trades to ensure that you get what you pay for, that the sequence of development is optimal, and the finished product is everything you expected. Your money is well spent to protect your investment.

New Homes and Complete Build Services

R-Mac has a full-service team of experienced builders that can competently construct your new home.  We handle the noise and dust and invite you to stand by and take pictures of your house  being built. With R-MAC You get a team that is focussed on building what you want.

You get quality workmanship, timely construction and attention to detail.
You get a properly built home.

Complete Renovation Services

On renovations you need a builder that has the skills to construct an addition or affect a renovation without needlessly intruding on the rest of your home.  You need a builder that understands that yours is an active household and is willing accommodate you during the renovation.

Your renovation may require surgical demolition and careful consideration not to negatively impact the rest of the house.  R-Mac offers you the reassurance that the renovation will be expertly contained with the minimum disruption to your life

Property Management

With R-MAC, you have a go to team that can cost-effectively help you maintain your property.  Since we know how it was built, we know how to best maintain it.
Your property represents a significant investment and should be cared for as such, whether it is commercial or residential. You need it to maintain its value without overspending on maintenance. We assist you in acting proactively to prevent major repairs. A schedule can be customized to your property to address the appropriate maintenance issues at the right times of year. We will manage all the trades required including security, snow removal, landscaping, special projects and renovations. Put yourself at ease with the knowledge that your property is in good hands with folks who care.

Concrete Surface Preparation and Finish

Your basement and your garage floors can be revitalized and get the wow treatment. R-MAC can give you high-end hotel lobby-like finish to your concrete floors or something less shiny. We are experts in residential concrete finishing and bring the right equipment and skills into your home to give you a floor that’s worth showing to your friends.