About Us

R-Mac Solutions was founded in the summer of 2011 by Ed Richardson and Fergus McLaren. We are based in the Greater Toronto Area but occasionally extend our net beyond when we can.

For the first couple of years we did a lot of bathrooms and basements. We were doing a great job executing a fabulous final product and satisfying our customers in every way. Our phones never stopped ringing and in fact we still have the same phone numbers and clients as we had way back then.

In 2002 R-Mac was handed our first set of plans to undertake a major renovation. We aced that job and decided that we needed to upsize our focus to include major renovations. For the next year, riding on our reputation, we worked for a couple notable designers in the Toronto area completing full house remodels. In 2003 we aligned ourselves with nationally recognized design build companies and began executing large renovations and additions. In addition to that steady stream of business we completed a 5000sq foot restaurant build, as well as Viceroy and Linwood Homes built from the ground up.

In 2006 we had strong relationships with our trades and 6 months of work cued up waiting for our special care and consideration. During that summer Big Coat productions solicited Ed for his expertise on a TV show called “My Parents House”. This became a full time concern for Ed as his value was immediately recognized by the production company and the network HGTV. I bought Ed’s shares in the company in the fall of 2006 and continue to operate as R-Mac solutions today with many of the same trade’s people who grew with us since the early days of 2001.

As Ed thrived in his very important role with Big Coat, more opportunities developed. Big Coat got approval for a TV show called “Love it or List it” (LOL) with the W Network. As Ed was on contract to HGTV he introduced me to the producers. Before long I also found myself working with Big Coat and once again Ed on the new series. LOL has achieved outstanding success and now airs in many countries around the world.

I am lucky that my role on LOL has allowed me to continue to grow and develop R-Mac Solutions Inc. Building Science has really changed in the last 10 years and R-Mac has been able to stay on the cutting edge of the industry by our exposure and partnership with the TV show, their affiliated suppliers, and the prestigious members of our building community.

We still love cottage country and are always open to building up there. We have a wonderful project starting up there soon. Watch this space for updated images.